In Cambridge, we went into the botanic gardens and did a photo-shoot. We did this to experiment with our cameras, by changing settings or testing our manual focus. After taking pictures in the botanic gardens we went into the town and took pictures there. I enjoyed the town a lot more, as I could take pictures of things in their daily life. I was also able to use line in a lot of my pictures in Cambridge town.

All in all I think that the whole shoot went really well, as I was able to experiment with a lot of new things on my camera. Furthermore, I also enjoyed taking pictures in the botanic gardens as I have a passion for taking pictures of nature, so I was taking pictures of something I loved.

Here is what I produced:








Here are two of my best outcomes:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.56.11

I believe this is one of my best outcomes, as I like the use of colour within the flower and the background. I also like the way I have used depth of field, with the flower in focus and the background blurred. I prefer using shallow depth of field when taking pictures of flowers as it makes it stand out and it allows me to capture small intricate details, such as the water droplet that is on one of the petals.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.56.32

I believe this is also one of my best outcomes, as again I really like the use of colour in this picture, I like how the red, green, yellow, and browns all mix together, as it almost gives it an ombre effect. I took the picture up close to the leaf as again I was able to capture the small details, especially the individual lines within the leaf, as they go in different directions.



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