Photogram project

Today I created my own photogram, I did this by placing my photo paper underneath an enlarger in the dark room so the photo paper wasn’t exposed to any white light. I then set my time for how long the objects would be exposed onto the paper, for example I set mine to 7 seconds of exposure. After that I placed objects onto the photo paper in any way I liked, making sure the red cap was covering the white light as I did this. Once I had placed all of my objects onto the paper and was happy with the way they were positioned, I pressed start on the timer and took the red cap away from the white light so then the photo paper and the objects were exposed to it. Once the timer had stopped the white light went out, I then placed my photo paper into a chemical developer this brought out the exposed proportions of the image, I left this for about 2 minutes. Once it has been in the developer the photo paper is to be added to the stop bath which stops the developers chemical reaction, this is to be left for about 30 seconds. The photo paper is then placed into the fixer chemical which is left for about 5 minutes and then placed into water for 30 minutes.

Before I produced my photogram I did research on photographers who used photograms in their work, this then allowed me to  see how other people had set out their objects and how the finished product had turned out. I looked at Anna Atkins and was inspired by her work as she used mostly nature and natural objects in her photograms, which I feel suited me best as I prefer to target my photography work at nature as I like to capture the imperfections yet make them seem beautiful. Once I had looked at her images and researched her methods I thought I would try and follow some of her ideas and make them my own. I did this by using natural objects but adding in a non-natural object but then to have a meaning behind it so the non-natural object fits in with the natural objects in the photogram.


This is my photogram, as you can see I have used a flower, a rose, a feather and a pair of earphones. I used the earphones to represent the sound of nature as to me I find it peaceful and beautiful. I think the strengths of my photogram are how defined and crisp the objects are as I exposed it for 7 seconds, I did this so the photogram would come out this way. However, I do feel that the composition of the objects are more towards the top of the photo paper and not a lot at the bottom, so I think next time I should spread the objects out more evenly so there wouldn’t be a bit of a gap at the bottom of the paper. This would make the image look a lot neater and each object may be more visible instead of layering them. Furthermore, I should also experiment more with the exposure as I would like to see how a produced photogram would look if there was less or more exposure to it.


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