Say Something

The plan for the shoot is to smash a plate and have a non-smashed plate. The quote we are using is from Ian Somerhalder, he said ‘The more you lose, the better you get.’ We will then photograph both of the plates together on a table with contrasting colours, we will have the smashed plate on top of a dull colour and then have the non-smashed plate on a bright colour. This will show that when things are not going well everything seems dull and gloomy, however when they get better everything is bright and happy.

The objects we will bring are:

  • a camera
  • a smashed plate
  • a non-smashed plate
  • black paper
  • yellow paper
  • a tripod
  • lighting

One thought on “Say Something

  1. Melissa – This is a strong idea and I’m looking forward to see the outcomes – remember to play with the contrasting shapes of smooth round plate(happy) plate and sharp, jagged (broken) plate. This is an interesting quote sit seems to suggest that making mistakes and learning from them is the way to grow. With this in mind the jagged shards would certainly express a painful/dangerous moment but perhaps the happy plate might be more about putting them back together like a puzzle?.. Have fun! 🙂

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