Say Something: Shapes Photoshoot

plates contact sheet 1

plates contact sheet 2

Best Outcomes

After the shoot, i looked thought the pictures and felt that they came out well. I used the light box and extra lighting for the set up, as it gave the pictures more of a glow and made the backgrounds stand out more, especially the yellow background.

The first half of the shoot was fairly difficult as we had trouble setting up my camera as the flash wasn’t popping up so the pictures were coming out very underexposed, I then tried using a tripod and lowering the shutter speed on my camera. This still didn’t work so I had to use one of my group members camera, my whole group then used the same camera, so we inserted our memory cards into the camera so we could all take our own pictures and have our own copy. Due to using one camera it was quite time consuming but I got all the pictures i needed so it was worthwhile.

However the second half of the shoot went much better as the flash and lighting was all working and the pictures were coming out as I wanted them to. I then didn’t need to use the tripod as i was able to use a stool to get the correct angles. I’m also happy with the composition of the broken plate i placed the pieces together like a puzzle, and i also scattered them about unevenly so i could get different angles and so the composition wasn’t the same the whole way through. Furthermore i also put both bits of card together placing the plates together, i feel these pictures were my best as it linked in more with our quote ‘the more you lose, the better you get’ as it shows the broken plate with the black background on the left hand side and the non-broken plate with the yellow background on the right hand side. IMG_9428


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