Landscape Photo-shoot (College)

For this shoot I went out of college and took pictures using the element ‘line’ around Harlow Town. I made sure that in every picture I used ‘line’ in detail. I took pictures of my surroundings, most of them included nature which suited me best so I enjoyed this photoshoot as well as incorporating line into my work. In this shoot I was able to capture different styles of line, such as curved, vertical, horizontal and diagonal so by using my photography skills I was able to identify them.

Here is my landscape line photoshoot:


Landscape contact sheet 2

Landscape contact sheet 3

Landscape contact sheet 4

Here are my best outcomes:


I have chosen these as my best outcomes as I feel that ‘line’ has been expressed well in each of these pictures. In picture one I have used different styles on line, such as horizontal, vertical and diagonal, all the lines also meet up into the middle which makes the picture look very central, which I believe makes ‘line’ stand out more. I like how in this picture there is a bold cross going through the middle which I think expresses the use of the diagonal line. I took the second picture in a car park, I used the road as the ‘line’, I have used the illusion of a diagonal line as you further down the road it becomes smaller and seems to join together towards the end. I also think the arrow makes the picture possess line even more due to how it is centred in the picture making the line the main subject. Lastly, in the third picture I have also used similar qualities to the second picture, as I again have used the illusion of the diagonal line as you look further down the beam, the two lines join together forming to what it seems as a diagonal line. There has also been the use of a vertical line, although it isn’t the main subject it is still there, which is the lamppost on the left towards the back. The lamppost develops the picture more as there is more than one style of line used within the picture.

Finally, I feel that the photo-shoot went very well as I believe that all the pictures possessed the element ‘line’ and was the main subject in most of the pictures. However, next time I think I will make sure that the element ‘line is more defined in every picture, by making it the main subject, as in some of my pictures the use of ‘line’ has to be pointed out as it was not used as the main subject so the picture, to me, didn’t look as good as others did during the shoot.


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