Landscape Inspired Photo-shoot

In this shoot I was inspired by James Ravilious. I went out to my local farmers field and took pictures of the field and the sky using the horizon as the ‘line’ in the photograph, i also used the electric lines going across the farms field as horizontal lines along with the pylons which i used a vertical and diagonal. I also then took pictures of trees and taking pictures by looking up not them to show the different lines and directions of the branches, similar to what James Ravilious did in his work. I liked using tress as lines as some were slanted so possessed the style of a diagonal line, however some were straight so were vertical. I also tok pictures of grassland with an arch at the end, so the further you look down the smaller the image gets so gives the illusion of a diagonal line.

landscape contact sheet 1

landscape contact sheet 2

landscape contact sheet 3

landscape contact sheet 4

landscape contact sheet 5

Here are my best outcomes:

IMG_9626   IMG_9649 IMG_9709  IMG_9641

I believe these are my best outcomes as I feel that I have used ‘line’ expressively in these four photos. In the first photo, I went over to my local farmers field and thought that using the horizon as the ‘line’ would be a good idea, it also incorporates James Ravilious’ ideas as he would take similar pictures to mine. The second picture gives the illusion of a diagonal line, as it looks like the two lines join together at the end of the arch way which is what I think makes the picture stand out more. The third picture shows a curved line on a twig covered in thorns, I think this picture is one of my favourites as it is an unusual picture, which is what I think makes it look so unique. I also like how the thorns on the twig also represents diagonal and horizontal lines. Lastly, the fourth picture, i think is the best picture within the whole photo-shoot, as it looks beautiful and includes several style of ‘line’ in the one picture. The actual tree show a vertical line, and the branches coming off of it show horizontal, diagonal and some curved. This picture possesses almost all the style of ‘line’ which is what I believe makes it enjoyable to capture.

Within this photo-shoot I have made almost every picture in black and white, which is what James Ravilious did in his pictures. To me it makes the photographs look neater and simple, yet beautiful. I think this shoot went very well as I am pleased with all of the pictures I took and how they all came out. Furthermore, I also enjoyed using some ideas from James Ravilious’ work as he mostly took pictures of nature, which is what I like to take pictures of most of the time. Next time I think I will have the pictures more in colour, as it will show the range of colours in the trees, especially as it is autumn time and the colours are magnificent.


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