Action Photography Photo-shoot

For this shoot i went into the studio and worked with coloured powder. This shoot went really well, as i was able to incorporate line into my work, and get some amazing results. I enjoyed this shoot as it was fun to work with powder and take pictures of it being  thrown in a line or kicked. I liked working with all the powder as i could be creative with it. To take these pictures i had to set my phone to continuous shooting, so i was able to capture the individual stages of the powder developing.

However, next time, i think i will use less powder, so i can incorporate line into my work more intricately, as it was difficult to get the powder to form into a line. I also think i will have the lighting brighter so the powder is clearer, and so the atmosphere is brighter.

Here is what i produced:

cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4 cs5 cs6 cs7 cs8 cs9 cs10 cs11 cs12 cs13 cs14 cs15 cs16 cs17


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