Pin-hole Camera Photo-shoot (line)

There are three things common to all camera formats. These three things are aperture, shutter and a light tight box. The aperture is one of the two features of a camera that allows light in, to form an image. Mechanically it works very similar to the iris of a human eye. A shutter is how long the image is exposed to light for, if the shutter is open for a long amount of time the image will be too bright, however if it is open for a short amount of time the image will be too dark. Lastly, a light tight box is absolutely dark inside, allowing no unwanted light to penetrate.

In our session, I worked with a light tight box and a DSLR camera whilst using pin-hole photography. With the light tight box I went into the dark room and placed photo paper inside at the back of the box so the aperture was at the front. Once my photo paper was stuck onto the box, I covered the aperture with my hand so no white light could enter. I then went outside and placed my box in a place where ‘line’ could be captured, once I positioned my box I then took my hand off the aperture and left it for about 3 minutes. I then placed my hand back over the aperture and went back to the dark room. I then put the photo paper into the chemical and let the image produce. I found it difficult using the light tight box as it was very repetitive and hard to get the correct timings, as some of my pictures came out completely white or completely black, so I found it difficult to find the right time to expose it to light for.

After that, I then used my DSLR camera, I took off the lens and placed a lens cap on with a pin-hole through it. I then went out and took pictures using the pin-hole cap. I didn’t like using the pin-hole cap as my pictures came out blurry and it was difficult to see through the view finder. However, I completed the photo-shoot and then put them all onto contact sheets. Here is what I produced with my DSLR camera: pin hole line

Overall I think the photo-shoot went well, even though there was a lot of trial and improvement whist using the light tight box, I still think I produced some good pictures. Next time I think I will know more with what I’m doing with the light tight box as I know how long to leave them exposed to light for.


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