Inspired Action Photo-shoot Plan (Carli Davidson)

For this photo-shoot i plan to use Carli Davidson’s work, which her most popular album was her shake photo-shoots, however mine isn’t going to be exactly the same as i will be taking pictures of my dos whilst they’re jumping in the air trying to catch a ball or whilst they’re running after a ball. Carli Davidson has influenced my work as i find her shake shoot very interesting and humorous to look at. I also like the way she captures the water flicking off of the dogs, as it comes out very defined and crisp which is what intend to achieve in my photo-shoot.

Carli Davidson SHAKE I chose this picture because I like how the dog has dreadlocks and how crisp and clear the movement of the dogs locks are and also how defined the water flicks are. In my photo-shoot i also intend to make the dogs fur still and crisp as it will define the picture and make it look more intriguing to look at. This in particular photo-shoot is my favourite as I myself am a dog lover and like to capture the way they shake and the facial movements they make an to be able to take clear photos of them I’m action would be great.


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