Action Inspired Photo-shoot

For this shoot I was inspired by Carli Davidson. So I went out and took picture of my dogs jumping up in the air as she was going after her ball and whilst they were both running after the ball once it was thrown. I set my camera to multiple shooting so I could get them at different stages, such as when she was about to jump up for the ball and then whilst she was in the air and the moment when she got grabbed the ball. All of my pictures came out crisp and clear which is why I set my camera to multiple shooting so I was able to accomplish this. I enjoyed this photo-shoot as I am an animal lover so I liked taking pictures of my dogs and also the face expressions they made as in some of them they looked excited and happy but also some of them looked vicious as she was biting the ball. I also got some pictures of a dandelion clock with its dandelion seeds being blown off in a line which I think looked magical and expressed line also.

Here is the shoot:

cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4 cs5 cs6 cs7 cs8 cs9 cs10 cs11 cs12

Next time I think I will try to make my pictures more similar to the inspired photographer. For example, with this shoot I think I could have bathed my dogs and then taking pictures of the moment when they shake it all off. This way it would be more similar to Carli Davidsons and I would be challenging myself to get certain things clear and crisp such as the water and fur flicks.


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