Depth Photo-shoot

Today I went out onto campus and took some pictures, however, it was more technical today as we were changing our apertures and I used a bit of manual focus. I was given a sheet with different styles of pictures on with different apertures. I experimented a bit with the aperture, such as taking close up pictures of someone and having the background out of focus, this term is called ‘depth of filed.’ I enjoy using depth of field as I like to have my main subject in focus and the background out of focus and I think it makes the main subject more visible and it stands out more when you look at it as it would be the main focus of the photograph.

Here is what I accomplished:

cs1 cs2

Below, there is my best outcome, I enjoyed taking these style of pictures as I found it very interesting and wondered if I could accomplish it. To take this photo I used a wide aperture, so it allowed the whole image to be in focus as the subject which is far away needed to be in focus, however if I used a small aperture then the subject far away would be blurred. This picture was by far the best out of all of the pictures I took as it looks as if Chloe is balancing on Rachel’s finger. This creates and optical illusion, which is the main reason why I enjoy taking these style of pictures, as they’re enjoyable to take and to look at once produced.

Here is my best outcome:

best outcomes


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