Inspired Photo-shoot – Plan (Line)

Within this photo-shoot I will be using ideas from Rut Blees Luxemburgs work. Luxemburg takes most of her pictures at night and uses street lights and the lights from buildings to contrast with the darkness, I enjoyed looking at her pictures as using this lighting gave her pictures a warm tone, I also liked how she worked with shadows. For Luxemburg to take these pictures she would have to use a slow shutter speed as there isn’t a lot of light, however if she used a fast shutter speed all of her pictures would come out under-exposed as the light from the lampposts and buildings wouldn’t be let in in time.

In my photo-shoot I will be shooting similar pictures to Rut Blees Luxemburg, however, I will be using line expressively throughout the photo-shoot. I will do this by taking both landscape and portrait pictures. Landscape will allow me to capture all the light from buildings and lampposts that are spread out. Portrait will allow me to take pictures of lampposts that are close together in a line, such as a long road leading down with lampposts all on one side, following the road down to the end, this will allow me to capture different styles of line in one picture.

I will also be using a slow shutter speed, as I will be taking my pictures at night just as Luxemburg does, so I get a similar effect in my pictures. For example, if I focused on one lamppost I will get a picture where the light circles around the light, which I think makes the picture look beautiful and magical.


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