Colour Research and Homework Plan

colour chart

William Eggleston is a well known photographer that uses colour in his work. Until the 1970’s, colour photography was considered inappropriate for the artwork. Only black and white photographs met the standards of art critics. He began to experiment with colour in the early 1960’s, which at that time colour photography was only used within commercial industries, and viewed unsuitable to fine art photography. Then in the 1970’s he used a process called ‘dye transfer’ which allows various colours to be printed as separations.His work is characterised by elements, such as bold interiors, he also takes portraits of strangers that he encounters in the street. Eggleston focuses on diagonal lines and reflections, however he likes to use powerful contrasts in colour, by using reds, blues and greens.

Eggleston believes that photography has no meaning in itself and that nothing is excluded from the photographic vision of the artist. Eggleston uses many different subjects, he doesn’t seem to have a running theme, as he photographs things that he thinks deserves to be captured. Eggleston takes on odd positions to get the right angle and framing so he gets his desired picture.

For my homework, I will be using ideas from William Eggleston’s work, as I like the contrast of colours that he uses and the styles of his photographs as they are very retro. I will use many different subjects to vary the use of colour. I will also use bright backgrounds with a dark subject or the other way around, I could also have the background and the subject the same colour but use different shades, this way the colours will all contrast and stand out.


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