Food Photography- Texture (Research)

Linda Tubby like to focus her pictures on a range of foods. Her work isn’t perfectly set out, but the way she does set it out gives it a homely feel and makes them look beautiful. She uses colour quite expressively in her work, which makes the food look appetising and pristine. She styles the food in a unique way, however, manages to make it look eye catching. To me, when i look at her pictures, the food looks fresh and home-made, which is what i think gives her pictures a natural and bright look to them. Within her work, she creates her own recipes and styles them to suit her and then photographs them in a wonderful way which makes her viewers intrigued by her work and want to try it out themselves. She inspires other food photographers, as if they need help starting up a food photography blog, to me she would be the one to look at, as her pictures have a natural feel to them as the imperfections aren’t photo shopped out.

For my homework shoot, i am using Linda’s ideas in my own, so i will use some of the same foods as her and home-make some food, this way my work will also have a natural look and feel to them, also they will have the imperfections as it won’t be photo-shopped as i think that when they aren’t photo-shopped they have a unique look to them. Linda inspired me to look into food photography in more depth, as she makes it look so delicate and beautiful even with the imperfections of the food.


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