Inspired Photo-shoot (Homework)- Line

For this shoot, I went out during the evening so it was dark, and captured the lights from lampposts, cars and buildings. I enjoyed this photo-shoot, as I liked how well the lights showed up and also how from far distances, the light would break through the trees. I also took pictures in the Harvey Centre Car Park, and captured the arrows on the floor from a distance so i was able to get the illusion of the road growing smaller in a diagonal line. Overall I think that the shoot went well, as I was able to test out different shutter speeds as it was dark so more light would need to enter otherwise the picture would come out underexposed.

Here is what I produced:

c1 cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4


One thought on “Inspired Photo-shoot (Homework)- Line

  1. melissa this is an absolutely wonderful piece of independent work – huge congratulations. There is some beautiful imagery here – lines of lamps disappearing into the dark etc which deserve a gallery in this post to show them off. don’t let others miss out on them! great stuff.


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