Food Photography- Research

For this research, my chosen photographer is Martin Parr. Parr takes pictures of traditional British take outs, such as fish and chips, or photos such as, doughnuts with the British flag on them. I was interested by his work, as he shows the public what food really looks like when it’s served on your plate instead of a magazine. Martin Parr’s work is very honest, as he shows the true colours of traditional British foods. His food photography started up in his 1995 book of British food. His most common pictures are his seaside doughnuts, strings of sausages, fish fingers, baked beans and mini sugar packets. His food photography is similar to the style of Andy Warhol’s restaurants called ‘Andymats’.

Within Martin Parr’s work, he doesn’t in the slightest way defend British food, he likes to show everyone the reality of food, not the photo-shopped versions shown in the media. He shows what food looks like as soon as it comes out of a tin or plastic covering, he makes everyone wonder what they’re actually eating.

I have recently watched a popular TV show called ‘Back In Time For Dinner’, this show is about a family who change their whole house around each week and style them into different era’s such as the 1950’s. So they would have to dress and live in the way people did in the 1950’s, such as the women cooking in the kitchen and the men go off to work. The foods the women cook are all in tins or packaging, none of it looks fresh or healthy looking in the slightest way. This shows how back in the 50’s people didn’t now what they were consuming in their daily life, as not many people were really bothered. Most of the food that was made, looked plastic and fake, as it didn’t contain any real nutrition. However, because of how faked it looked, the sight of the food was very neat and looked pristine, so people were fooled by the images and went with it. However, Martin Parr, finally showed the world what food like this really looked like and what they were really consuming, which was a massive eye opener to many people.

Here are some examples or Martin Parr’s work:

martin parr fp 1martin parr fp2


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