Micro Project

Creative Proposal:

Food Photography

  • Healthy and processed fruit
  • They tell you processed fruit (innocent smoothies) are healthy when they’re not, so they trick you into buying them.
  • Compare strawberries and bananas with a strawberry and banana innocent smoothie.
  • The meaning behind it will be the truth of healthy fruits and the lie behind the processed fruits.
  • Colour and texture.
  • Packages fruit =dark and grainy.
  • Healthy fruit= Bright, neat and beautiful


  • Have a pile of sugar and put the innocent smoothie on top of it.
  • Fill a smoothie bottle up with sugar and place small chunks of fruit inside.
  • Cover fruit in sugar.
  • Fruit wind-ups (contains: no fruit, just sugar)


  • Wet the fruit to give it a shine and to create water droplets to make it look pristine and beautiful.
  • Use a lot of lighting.
  • Pile fruit on top of each other in a sculptured way.

This whole shoot will take place in the studio, this way i can use lighting and back-drops, to make the colours of the fruits stand out. For the lighting i will use the soft box  and have the lighting fairly bright to make the healthy fruits look pristine and for the un-healthy fruits i will use harsh lighting and which will be dark and my aperture will be low so it makes the picture look dull and grainy.


Colour and Texture:

Andy Grimshaw:


In Andy’s work he has expressed the use of colour within his food photography project. His colours are always bright and the tone is very warm. I like his work as in his pictures you know what the main subject is as it stands out either because of it’s colour or uniqueness. He makes his pictures look appetising, and they are always eye catching, which draws his viewers in. This is what i want to do in my project, i will make the fruit look appetising and beautiful, this way they will stand out and catch the attention of others, this is why i am incorporating colour into my work. Furthermore, he uses contrasting backgrounds, or the same colours with different shades, to make the main subject stand out. In Grimshaw’s work he took two pictures containing jam, one with the jam in the jam jar but it was empty with remains in the jar, he managed to make it look pristine and beautiful, when in reality it doesn’t look that nice. He also took a picture of some name on the end of a spoon, which again he made it look stunning. This is what i plan to incorporate into my shoot within the healthy side of my project.

andy graimshar 1.jpgandygrimahw2.jpg





ag3     ag4.jpg



Grimshaw also expresses texture within his work. He would use a soft box for this swell, for example he took a picture of an orange and a cut out segment next to it,  this way he has used two different uses of texture within one picture. The rough and bumpy textures of the orange skin contrasts completely with the inside of the orange segment as it is smooth and shiny. It contrasts as the outside of the orange isn’t very good-looking on the outside, but is tasty, healthy and looks beautiful on the inside, this is what i want to incorporate into my work, as people see, for example a bruise on a banana and think it’s disgusting however, the bruised the better, as it means it is ripe and contains more flavour. However, when people see packaged fruit, they make it look fake and beautiful, however even though it looks nice, it doesn’t really contain any goodness inside, but people pick it anyway because of the way it is presented.

andy grimashaw3.jpg





Linda Tubby:

Linda Tubby expresses colour within her work. She makes the main subjects stand out in her work by using contrasting backgrounds and the way she places and positions it all. This is what i plan to do in my shoot, by making the colours stand out. She mostly does deserts, however she does use fruit in some of her work so i will use some of her fruit ideas and make them my own. Within some of her fruit pictures she uses vibrant colours, this catches the eyes of her viewers, she also makes it look appetising and beautiful, which also catches the eyes of her viewers. She makes her pictures look natural, as all her food pictures are home made, so she uses fresh ingredients in her work. This is what plan to do in my shoot for the healthy fruits, i will use natural fruits only, as it will allow me to express the meaning behind my work in a unique way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 13.18.37.png




Jon Feinstein:

Jon Feinstein takes pictures of fast foods, he takes the pictures by using a scanner. He shows his viewers what fast food really looks like, he shows the reality of it. Jon Feinstein expresses texture in his work, as he scans his pictures to make them look unflattering, as they are squashed and flattened out, such as the indie of a burger, however when we buy fast food burgers, we don’t inspect the inside, however Feinstein does and shows us what we are consuming. These photographs investigate the love/hate relationship that many Americans have within fast food, and, like many aspects of different cultures , it makes people see it as being appetising yet repulsive. This is what Jon Feinstein rise to capture in his work, similarly i will using ideas from Feinstein’s work to show the reality in processed fruit and how people are told it’s healthy but contains additives which destroys and overrides the small amount of goodness that it does contain. This is also what i plan to incorporate into my shoot, within the unhealthy side of my project.

feinstein 1.jpg


jf2.jpg  jf3.jpg



I will be using a soft box as my lighting. A soft box gives a soft even light and reduces any harsh shadows. I am using a soft box in my work for the fresh, healthy fruit to make it look neat, this way any shadows that are made natural will not be there in the actual picture, this allows me to get a pristine shot of the fruit which also allows me to express the meaning behind fresh fruit. However, for the unhealthy, and fake fruits, i will be using a harsh light. Harsh lighting will make the pictures look more unflattering, which is what i want to make the fake fruits look like as it shows the true identity of it. Within hard light, shadows have harder edges and greater definition, hopefully this will help me to, for example show the definition of a pile of sugar wight he fake fruits on top. The harsh lighting will also be good for texture as it will make it stand out more, this is more aimed at the unhealthy fruits as it, again will help me show the meaning behind my work.



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