Colour Photo-shoot (Homework)

For this shoot, I will be using ideas from William Eggleston. I have done this by photographing the back and front of cars, however, I only shot cars with bright colours, such as red cars with a contrasting background. I also went down to my local shops, and took pictures of the signs, as they were quite brightly coloured as well, this way I was able to incorporate Eggleston’s work into my own. I enjoyed this shoot, as I liked capturing colour in everyday things, especially the shop signs, as in Eggleston’s work he did quite a bit of this. Although Eggleston took the pictures many years ago, I feel that I have tried my best to create similar pictures to his.

Here is what I produced:






Here are my best outcomes:


I think this is one of my best outcomes, as the green leaf surrounded in brown leaves makes colour stand out and pop. I like this picture as even though winter is coming it’s as if plant life is trying to hold on until the last moment.


I think this is another one of my best outcomes, as the red and the green contrast with each other, which makes the picture stand out. Again i also like this picture as even though winter is here and it starts to get cold and gloomy, these bright colours still stand out which brightens the mood in this picture, which is what i think makes it so unique.


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