Final Four Outcomes – Micro Project

After my Micro project shoot, these are my four best images. The first one, I chose, as I liked the use of the colour red. I made this image look appetising and healthy, by using bright lighting, and placing water droplets onto the fruit to make it look irresistible. I also like how I have used a yellow-red apple, as not all fruit looks perfect, however, it is succulent and healthy.  I then went onto photo-shop and edited this image, by making the colour red more vibrant and noticeable, I also brightened the picture slightly, as I thought it would make the image stand out more.

In the second picture, i added in an orange and lemon because i thought it would add in a lot of texture, which is the other element i have used in this shoot. I like how i was able to get the individuality of the orange and lemon segments, i think it makes the picture stand out within colour and texture. I also like how i added extra water to the lemon and orange, as it makes it look succulent and appetising, which is what i was hoping to achieve in this shoot.

In the third picture, i go onto the unhealthy side of my shoot. I really like this picture because it helps me express the meaning behind my work, as it shows that the smoothie may have fruit in and seem healthy but it is overridden with sugar. I placed sugar in the top of the bottle and spread some more sugar onto the paper, however, i left some smoothie in the bottom of the battle to make it look disgusting and un-appetising. In this picture i have expressed texture, i did this by capturing the individual sugar granules, as i made the lighting quite dark and my aperture was low.

Lastly, in the fourth picture, i have created a similar effect as the third one. I have again turned the lighting down and my aperture was low so i could make the picture look gloomy and seem un-appetising. I also like how there is particles of smoothie right at the top of the bottle, i think it makes the smoothie look disgusting, especially because the smoothie is green. I also like how i have placed the smoothie on top of a pile of sugar, as again it gives a similar effect as the third picture, as smoothies seem healthy because they have fruit in however, sugar takes over which fools people into buying it.

Here is what I produced all together:








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