Food Photography Shoot – Homework (Texture)

For this shoot, I used ideas from Linda Tubby. For this I went home and baked some fairy cakes, I then decorated them to my liking and photographed them in  a similar way to Linda Tubby, for example I set them all out on a plate in a neat line and too pictures of them from different angles. I enjoyed this shoot, as I liked baking my own fairy cakes and being able to set them out in a neat and beautiful way that suited me. I liked how the cakes didn’t look perfect as I liked the natural look of them, it gave them a homely feel and they still looked appetising.

Here is what I produced:



Overall, I think this shoot went well, as I was able to take pictures of food, which is what I find and interest in. However, next time I think I will bake different deserts, so I would have a range of pictures and I would have been able to differ my work.

There are only a couple of pictures that i thought stood out the most, i think they are the ones where i focused on a cupcake and made the rest blurry, and also one where i focused up quite close on the jam and icing falling out of the cupcake.

Here are my best outcomes:



I think my favourite out of these two would be the second one. I really like how i captured the icing and jam falling out of the cupcake, as it makes them look more natural, as in a magazine, they would look too pristine and perfect, all of the icing and jam would be perfectly inside the cupcake and would over photo-shopped.



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