Shutter Speed Experiments

We went out to a local park and experimented with shutter speed. I did this by having people go onto swings and taking pictures as they swing, also as they go round on the round-a-bout. I found this shoot quite difficult, as it was hard to get the picture crisp and not blurred. However, i managed to get some good pictures. I liked this shoot as it was fun to take pictures and to experiment more with my camera and learn different techniques.

We experimented with our shutter speeds, we found out that to take pictures of fast moving subjects we would need a fast shutter speed so the pictures don’t come out blurred. However, if I were to take pictures of a slow moving subject then we would need a slow shutter speed.

Here is what I produced:






I feel that all in all the shoot went well, as I was able to adjust my shutter speed without any assistance, and I was also able to get clear crisp pictures of fast moving objects. However, I did find it difficult to capture certain things at the right moment, for example I was popping a party popper, but I found it really difficult to capture it at the moment it popped, as I either got it just before it went off, or as it had finished.




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