Tone Photo-shoot (Homework)

For my Tone shoot, i used ideas from Irving Penn. I enjoyed this shoot as i was able to create different emotions and different tones. I did this by having a dark room with a simple bright light against someone’s face. I found it dificult to get the right amount of lighting and the right amount of darkness in the picture, as because it was very dark, i therefore had to either place the light closer to change the position of the light.

Here is what I produced:




I really liked this shoot as i found it fairly easy to create different tones, however, it was a bit difficult to create emotion in my pictures. I liked a lot of my pictures, however, here are my best outcomes:





I think these are my best images, as I think tone was used really well and emotion was shown quite clearly in these pictures. I think my favourite one is the second picture, as I have worked with shadows really well, as I have made half of my dogs face dark and the other half bright. Emotion and tone has been shown in this picture, as she looks sad and vulnerable, however in the first picture, both the dog and my sister look quite alert and scared. The last picture I chose, I think was more towards the humours side, as the dog still looks vulnerable, however, doesn’t have a care in the world about anything.


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