Tone Research

The Photographer I have chosen is Irving Penn. The reason for choosing Penn is because I like the way they work with shadows, such as having one side of their face dark and the other side light. Doing this creates a sense of emotion, the way I perceive it is, one side of you is dark and in the shadows hiding your true self and the other side is bright, as you still have to go on, but being someone that you’re not.  I really like how Penn shows people’s emotions through his pictures, he works with the models, and goes by their emotions and the way they position their body.

Here is some of his work:

irving penn

For example, in this picture, Penn has shown this person’s emotions. This person, seems to look lonely and sad, this may be through his hand holding his arm, as he is trying to hold himself together in a way that he has no one to help him. Also the way he is looking, he takes his eyes off of the camera and is looking into the distance thinking about maybe his life.

For my homework shoot, I plan to use Penn’s work in mine, as I enjoy how he has created emotion in  his pictures and I also really like his use of shadow work. I think I will create different emotions in my work, such as happiness and stress, or even sadness. I will do this by having a completely dark room, with a simple bright light against their face. I will position the light in various ways, to try and create different tones.


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