Micro Project – Evaluation

For this project, I was allowed to pick anything I liked to shoot, however, we had to have a meaning behind our work. For my shoot, I chose to take pictures of food, they would be healthy and processed fruit. So the meaning behind my shoot is, when people see a bruise, for example on the skin of a banana they think it is disgusting, however, the bruised the better and it has more flavour. Yet people would then go out and buy, for example an innocent smoothie, even though it says it has a lot of fruit in it, people don’t take any notice that all that fruit is overridden with sugar.

For this shoot, I was inspired by Andy Grimshaw, for the healthy side of my project, as he made all parts of his work look beautiful and flawless. I especially liked the pictures he did of the jam jar with leftover bits of jam left, and somehow he managed to make it look stunning. So for the Micro Project, I intended to use lots of ideas from Andy Grimshaw, as to make his pictures look flawless, he used a soft box and he used a white background to make it look clean, shadowless and beautiful. Andy Grimshaw’s work is simplistic, which is what I like about his work, that the simplest things can catch someone’s eye and intrigue them to look at more.

Here are some examples of Grimshaw’s work that really caught my eye when researching him:

andy grimshaw 1

I chose this picture, as I love the way he has captured the individuality of the orange segments, which is what I incorporated into my work when shooting it. This picture is so simplistic, however Grimshaw makes it look beautiful, appetising and eye catching.

andy grimshaw 2

I also chose this picture, as in reality this jam jar would look dirty and un-appetising, but Grimshaw has made it look artistic. He has made a sticky jam jar look photogenic, which is what I have managed to incorporate into my work.

For the un-healthy side of my project, I was inspired by Jon Feinstein, as he took fast foods, and scanned them to make them look in my opinion disgusting and un-appetising. I like his ideas, so I thought I would use some of his but make them my own. He used dark lighting, which is what I incorporated into my work, and positioned it to make it look ugly in a sense. Here is some of his work that caught my eye when researching him:

jonfeinstein 1

In this picture I like how there is a black background as it makes it look dark, however, I also like how there is harsh lighting, which makes the picture look unflattering and ugly, which is what I tried to incorporate into my work when shooting the un-healthy side of my project.

Within this shoot, I think the best thing about it, was taking pictures of the healthy side of the project, as I was able to make my work look artistic just like Grimshaw’s. I did this by using a soft box to keep any shadows out, and I also placed water droplets onto the apples and placed water onto an orange and lemon to make them look beautiful and more succulent, which made it look eye-catching and appetising. I also liked the way I could position the fruit to make it look neat and beautiful, I did this by placing the fruit close together but still showing their individuality in the picture. To make my shoot look even more unique, I brought in an old oar, cleaned it up and made it look like as if it was a chopping board. I liked how the wooden chopping board went with the fruit, as it made it seem homely and natural, which is what I was intending to do.



However, I think the least best thing about it, was shooting the un-healthy side of the project, as I found it difficult to come up with ways to position it and still get my point across at the same time. Even though the pictures still came out well, I found this part of the project challenging. I think that when shooting these pictures, I could have positioned it a lot better, and should have taken more time to think about what I was going to do with it first. Although I had all my ideas in my plan, I just didn’t know how to go about them. but in the end, the pictures did come out quite well, but next time I will take more time with it, so I can get my targeted outcome. Within this side of the shoot, I still used a soft box, however, I made the lighting fairly dark, so the background came out grey, and I also lowered my aperture so I was able to capture the sugar and show the individual grains.


Once all my pictures were taken, I then edited them onto photo-shop. However, I only edited the two healthy pictures, as I wanted to enhance them to look brighter and better, whereas, I didn’t want to edit the un-healthy ones as I wanted them to look as they are. With the healthy pictures, I enhanced the redness of the apples and brightened the pictures to make them stand out more. I wanted the healthy pictures, to look pristine and perfect, whereas I wanted the un-healthy pictures to look not completely finished and not very neat. I think doing this, it has helped me express the meaning behind it a lot better.

Next time, I think I would improve my pictures by maybe editing the un-healthy pictures, I could make them darker and sharpen the picture slightly to make the picture look grainy. I also think that I could have positioned the natural fruits in different ways as then I would have had a variety to pick through when choosing my final four images.

Here are my four best outcomes:

I chose these as my final four pictures, as I think they all express colour and texture, which are the two elements I chose to use in this shoot, as I find them really interesting to shoot and there are a lot of things I could produce using these two elements. In these four pictures that I have chosen, I think they really help me show the meaning behind my work, as the first two look bright, beautiful and neat, and then the last two look gloomy, grainy and un-appetising. Within these four pictures, I think that the second and third picture stand out most, as I think they express more of colour and texture, yet they are also the ones that, for me explain the meaning behind it more than the first and last picture. As in the second picture the orange and lemon show off texture and colour, and the third one the pink smoothie left in the bottle defines colour and the sugar granules express texture.


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