Unit 5 Introductory Project- Solving 2D Problems


Surrealism examples:

  •  General Research:

For this unit I have chosen to advertise bullying. Here is a picture which I think shows what I want to be taking pictures of:

I chose this image as I think that it shows what bullying is like as you feel trapped and can’t escape. I will take pictures similar to this however, I will have the person inside the jar trying to escape and the hand holding the jar will look more aggressive and will be holding the lid shut. I like the idea of this image as I will be able to advertise it well and it is a creative idea which will help me develop my photo-shop skills. This picture also shows how when people are bullied they make them feel small and lonely. I will also take pictures of the person outside the jar holding a hammer ready to smash the jar as it will show that you can overcome bullying and do something about it so you can prevent it next time. The techniques used in this picture is to simply resize the separate layers so the person fits in the jar and their hands. This will require a lot of studio work and I will need to take a few pictures of each layer (jar, person and hands) as the photos will need to be level and still to make sure it fits together perfectly.

  • Contextual Advertising:


These pictures on pinterest show a lot of different ways to raise awareness of bullying or pictures of how it makes people feel who are being bullied. It also shows pictures of what the victims can say to the bullies. This picture stood out to me the most as it gives advice to people being bullied in a way that is calm:

bullying poster 111

This picture I think is more aimed at younger children, this poster is powerful as younger children may not understand what is happening or may not know how to deal with it so I think this poster is a good way to give advice to victims and spread awareness.





bullying poster 222This picture is more aimed at teenagers or young adults as it contains more information about bullying and has a older boy on the front with tape on his mouth. This could show that when people are being bullied they feel like they can’t say anything as they feel they would get bullied more or if they told someone that it would get worse. This poster also gives factual information as it says “1 in 10 students drop out of school because of being bullied” so this poster is telling students to not give in to the bully but to stand up for yourself and speak up if someone is making you uncomfortable.






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