Definition of Shutter Related Techniques

Motion Blur Photography:

  • The streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of images.
  •  It results when the image being recorded changes during the recording of a single exposure, either due to rapid movement or long exposure.
  • Slow shutter speed


In this picture you can see streaking lights, however you can’t see the cars, due to having fast moving objects. Also because  shutter speed is slow, allowing more light to enter. The lampposts, also stand out in this picture, creating a star shape effect.

Frozen Motion Photography:

  • A picture that is taken with a fast shutter speed, this way the image comes out clear, without any blurred lines in the picture. The objects in the picture are moving but because the shutter speed is fast, so it captures the objects mid-movement.

frozen motion

In this picture, due to the fast shutter speed, the image has come out clear and crisp. Using this technique, you are able to have everything in focus, for example in this picture, the orange is captured as it is dropped into the water, and the water droplets created by the drop, are crisp an clean without a single blurred line.

Panning Photography:

  • The horizontal plane of a still camera. It results in a similar motion of for example, someone shaking their head from side to side.


In this picture, they have used the shutter priority setting, and a fast shutter speed. In this picture, you have to move the camera with the moving object, making the background blurred and the main subject in focus.


Slow Sync Photography:

  • Slow shutter speed
  • Use it in dark settings
  • Fast motion
  • It helps you keep your subject sharp while capturing motion or a dark background.


In this picture, they have used a very slow shutter speed, they would maybe leave it on for about 30 seconds, the shutter would close and then the person would then start moving the light material around creating a spiral, one the shutter opens again, it would have captured all the moving light and created something like this picture.




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