Motion Shoot




best outcome 1

I have chosen this pictures as one of my best outcomes as I really like how it has turned out. I was able to use a slow shutter speed and hold the camera still whilst this picture was in motion. I have used the slow sync technique in this picture. I think slow sync photography is very interesting as you are able to create many different images with just a torch and a slow shutter speed. In this picture, Chloe has attempted to create wings and a halo around Rachel, also it isn’t perfect, it still looks magical.

best outcome 2.jpg

I have chosen this picture as my second best outcome, as I was able to use a fast shutter speed, and make the picture come out crisp and clear. In this picture I have used the frozen motion technique, although I could have used a slightly faster shutter speed, this way when Chloe flicked her hair it would have come out a lot sharper.


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