Time&Movement Homework+Evaluation

Frozen Motion:


In this picture, I have used frozen motion photography. I did this by having fast shutter speed and ISO, this allowed me to get a clear crisp picture whilst my brother jumped in the air. I also set my camera to the shutter priority mode, this helped keep my brother in focus and get my desired outcome. I chose this picture as my best outcome, as I have managed to keep everything in focus and there aren’t any blurred spots. I also like this picture as I found it humorous, as I like to take pictures that people will find enjoyable to look at. I found it quite easy to take this picture, as I knew how to take it and what I wanted the outcome to look like.

Slow Sync Photography:


In this picture I have used sow sync photography. I did this by having a very slow shutter speed, it was at 20 seconds. Once the shutter had closed, I then got my mum to draw a picture using a simple torch. I think this picture is my best outcome, as the picture of the boat came out very well. Although it took a couple of tries on some of them, this one came out the best. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures as there was a wide range of things that we could create using this method of photography.

Panning Photography:


Using this method of photography, I found it very difficult to get the desired outcome. I used the shutter priority setting and had a fast shutter speed and also moved my camera with the moving object. I think what went wrong is that the main subject wasn’t moving fast enough so I wasn’t able to move my camera fast enough to blur the background and have the main subject in focus. I did many attempts of this technique but couldn’t quite get the grip of it. However, here is one of my attempts:


Motion Blur Photography:


In this picture I have used motion blur photography, I did this by setting my shutter speed to 10 seconds, I also put my camera on the shutter priority setting. Within this technique I noticed that the street lights didn’t come out crisp and clear as I thought they would, and this is because I need a tripod as it would prevent any camera shake next time I take these pictures. However, I used this picture as my best outcome as it came out a lot better than the other ones, due to seeing more red lights, also the street lights came out less blurred in this picture than the rest.

All in all I think this shoot went well as I knew how to adjust my camera to the correct settings and I managed to attempt the types of shutter speeds, even if some didn’t come out quite right, I think with the right equipment I would have been able to get the desired shots. I think the best type of shutter speed shot I took was the Slow Sync, as it came out crisp and clear and I was able to set my camera to the right settings and I found it easy and enjoyable to do. However, I think I need to improve on Panning photography, as I wasn’t able to get the background blurred and only the main subject in focus as I didn’t quite know how to move my camera and I think the main subject wasn’t moving fast enough, so I think next time I need to use the technique on a faster moving object such as a car or a motorbike. I also need to improve on Motion Blur photography. The only thing I need to improve on this technique is to use a tripod, as the shutter speed was very slow so there was a lot of camera shake, which made the street lights blur, whereas if I had a tripod the lights would have come out sharp and clear and the whole picture would have looked a lot better. If I were to this shoot again I think I would make sure that I was using a tripod for the techniques that needed them, and I also would also make sure that on the Panning technique that I use a faster main subject so I am able to get the right image and technique used.


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