Time lapse Definition

Time Lapse is a series of pictures taken in a short or long period of time, which is then sped up in the form of a video. For example, the movement of clouds and change in lighting within 24 hours.

here is a video showing the movement of clouds in a day:

This video shows the formation of a cumulonimbus in 1 minute and 43 seconds. I chose this video because I found it interesting to watch we can see cloud formations but we can see more when it is sped up and it is more unique. I think the pace of this video is good as you can see the individual details of the clouds forming together which you wouldn’t be able to see properly when looking at it normally.

Here is a second example of a video showing a time lapse of America’s great spaces:

I have chosen this video because I find an interest in nature and how it moves and changes over time. The pace is at a good speed as it isn’t going to fast or too slow as you can see the gradual changes clearly in the time lapse.




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