Group Stop Motion

For our stop motion we shot our pictures inside of college. We started off downstairs and we took pictures of Connor the whole time as he was the main subject. We shot the pictures from downstairs, all the way up and then through corridors and then back into our classroom. This was our first time trying out stop motion, and in my opinion I found it difficult and long winded. I found it difficult as we had to take individual pictures and had to move the tripod and camera after every shot so we had to be extra careful not to jog or knock the tripod out of place. It was easier taking the pictures downstairs as we used the lines in the carpet as a guideline to how we should be placing the tripod, however, once we were upstairs it was a lot more difficult as we had to guess where to move the tripod. These errors were visible in our final movie, as when going through the corridors and hallways, you can see slight changes within the frame of the camera. All in all I think the final outcome looked good, as once it was edited and sped up, the mistakes aren’t that visible as in stop motion mistakes are bound to be made as it is an intricate technique used within photography.

Here is a screen shot of our final movie:

group stop motion



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