Group Time Lapse

For this time lapse shoot, we went out into town and set up our equipment. We decided as a group to photograph traffic as the cars were moving so we were able to get a good final time lapse as it flowed smoothly. We also thought that as it was our first time lapse experiment, that cars would be an easy task to shoot and we would be able to see our errors a lot easier.  Nancy and I also walked towards the camera to make the movie more creative and so we were able to have another subject to photograph than only the cars. This seemed easy to do as we were taking lots of pictures in chunks, so we held down the shutter button and took bursts of pictures when the traffic got a bit busier or when we thought it was the best time to. However, I do wish that we would have made the interval between the pictures shorter as then we would have ended up with a more flowing and smooth video, as you can see where we took the bursts of pictures, as there is a drastic change within the traffic and the different cars that suddenly appear. All in all I am quite pleased with our final outcome, considering it was our first time doing a time lapse video, it ran quite smoothly and was fairly easy to edit and upload.


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