Stop Motion Research

Definition: a special camera effect carried out while shooting in which a series of photos are taken in which the subject stops their motion and the camera is stopped while an object or performer is added to or removed from the scene with camera movement and action then resumed for the remainder of the scene.

Video one:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.17.23

In this video Pes have used inanimate objects and have created a stop motion video to make them seem like it’s real food for example, they cut a grenade I’m half and the inside was an avocado. I chose this video as I found it interesting in the way they have used these objects, and I also like their editing technique as it is smooth flowing and has been used in a creative way which I enjoyed to watch. Within this video i liked how they slowed parts down and sped some bits up to make the video look more realistic, which is what i will be doing in my stop motion, such as when paige shows a fact i will slow it down or when she punches the wall i will speed it up.

Video two:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.19.25

In this video there are two people laying on the floor creating karate moves in stop motion form. They do different tricks on the floor and is edited very well as it is smooth flowing and is very creative. I have chosen this video as I found it very interesting as it is a contrast to the previous video as this one uses people on the floor creating different movements. In this video i liked the use of their shutter speeds, as it is smooth flowing and there isn;t any gaps where it may skip to another frame but take to long to get to it, which is what i hope to achieve in my work, that when editing it on premiere pro, i will make the frames blend in with each other to make sure it flows well and doesn’t make it confusing to watch.



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