Evaluation for Time Lapse Shoot

For my Time Lapse shoot I set my camera up on my tripod making sure it was level and steady, I then set my shutter speed to 40 fractions of a second and my aperture to 6.3 and my ISO was also at 2000, this way I could take continuous pictures throughout the shoot. I then got someone to drink out of the bottle by taking little sips, once they took a sip I took about 6 pictures and continued this throughout. During the shoot, I used a tripod to hold my camera so it was still and wouldn’t move when I took pictures. I also used a glass bottle and filled it up with juice as this was my main subject as I am going to time lapse the juice being drunk and then when I edit it I will reverse it and it will look like the bottle is being filled back up again. Furthermore I used a piece of black card to use as the background to match the surface that the bottle was on. Overall, I think the shoot went well as I was able to keep the bottle in the same place and the camera was steady the entire time and I was able to capture the process of the juice being drunk. However, I could have improved on the steadiness of the bottle as it did move slightly during the process of the time lapse.Next time I think I will use better lighting as I found it difficult setting my shutter speed and aperture as there was a lot of trial and error. I will also make sure the bottle stays still the whole time and also to not knock the tripod as the bottle would have moved out of its frame.




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