Plan for Stop Motion Shoot (homework)

For my homework shoot i will be doing a stop motion of stick men. I will do this by cutting different shapes of stick men and have them look like they’re climbing up obstacles such as a kitchen counter and other places around my house. I will be communicating the day in the life of a child as children have a lot of energy and want to jump and climb on everything. I will be using my camera, a tripod and paper stick men, i may also use objects in my house that the stick men can climb on. I will set my camera mode to manual this way i can make any adjustments that are needed along the way. I will also use natural lighting throughout the whole shoot so i will take the pictures in the morning so there isn’t any drastic changes within the lighting.The location i will be using is my kitchen as i feel i can be a lot more creative as there are more objects available.



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