What is Distinctive About Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk’s work is very distinctive as he takes pictures of buildings after being destroyed by war. After comparing his work with another war photographer called Sebastiao Salgado i was able to then see the differences and individuality of his work. Salgado takes pictures of war but as it is happening and how it effects the people and wildlife, however Norfolk takes pictures after the war and the destructed buildings.

http://www.bldgblog.com/2006/12/warphotography-an-interview-with-simon-norfolk (6)

simon norfolk111

In this image there are lots of different elements used, such as tone and colour. Even though this building has been destroyed by war Norfolk still manages to make it look beautiful in a sense as the colour of the sky and the sun gives the building a spot light, whilst surrounded by nature making it look innocent. This image shows a lot of emotion as well, i can tell by the man who is sitting in the bottom right hand side of the picture. This may show how he is longingly looking at the building as it may have once been his home or place of worship that has now been destructed by war.

http://www.instituteartist.com/filter/simon-norfolk-feature/feature-Afghanistan-Chronotopia-Simon-Norfolk (7)


“A Government building close to the former Presidential Palace at Darulaman, destroyed in fighting between Rabbani and the Hazaras in the early 1990’s.” 

In this picture the building is still standing however the inside has all been blown out and evacuated, this gives the picture a sense of isolation and loneliness. Also the tone of the sky and the sunset makes the picture look beautiful. This building has been abandoned for years after being destroyed during war, i wouldn’t image that people visit it a lot. This could also represent emotion as people who may have lived/worshipped/worked there may find it too hard to see what once was a amazing place/building to what now is an abandoned and rubbled mess.


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