Impossible Images -Experimental Pictures

Today I took some trial pictures for my impossible image project. I took all the pictures separately, so first of all I took a picture of a girl standing up and then of her sitting down crossed legged. I took these pictures using a tripod so there was no camera shake. I then took pictures of a person’s hand, I kept the hand in focus and the background blurred this way the picture is focused on the hand and person rather than the whole image. I then went onto photo-shop, I cropped out the girl and then layered it on top of the hand, I then placed her in the desired position. After I had done that I then changed the tone, brightness and colour of both layers to blend both of them together more. The first picture consists of the girl standing on the hand and the second one was her sitting down. Here are my trial images:

upload to wordpress 111


When I take my final images both pictures will be different as the first image the girl will be in a jar and will look more afraid and trying to escape and the second image the girl will be outside of the jar holding a hammer looking like she is going to smash it. In the second picture I will have to make the jar and girl smaller so they are able to fit on the hand. I will also develop more photo-shop skills so the girl blends and fits in more with the background so it looks more realistic. Also the background looks slightly wonky so I will also line the tripod and camera up properly in my final images.


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