Stop Motion Evaluation

For this shoot, I took pictures of a stick girl and boy, I named it kiss chase as the boy was seen chasing the girl around. I used my tripod to hold my camera so there wasn’t a lot of camera shake. The process I used, was by moving the stick people slightly and then taking a picture, once they started climbing upwards I would zoom out on my camera and move my tripod slightly forward and side-wards to keep the stick people in frame. To keep the stick people holding on to objects I put blue-tac on them and I used string for when the boy and girl fell down and to keep the boy standing up when he was walking on the counter. This differed completely from my group work as I used inanimate objects in my homework stop motion whereas, we used real people in our group work. Also I took less pictures in my homework shoot than the group shoot as my homework one wasn’t going to be as long and there was less space in my kitchen rather than shooting around college. I think technically it could have been improved slightly, as I could have taken more pictures, by moving the stick people in shorter and less drastic movements, as then the whole stop motion would be more smooth flowing. I also think that I could have moved my tripod in less drastic movements as again it would have made my stop motion a lot more smooth flowing and less jumpy. My knowledge and skills of stop motion have definitely improved and/or developed as before I had done this activity I didn’t know how to set everything up or how to take the pictures step by step after each movement. However, I now feel confident enough to be able to set up and shoot my own stop motion film, and also to add music to it and a title to bring it all together. If I were ever to do this activity again, I would make less drastic movements with my main subjects and tripod as then the whole motion would be smooth flowing and more professional. I would also take a lot more pictures and take more time when I take my pictures, as even though my stop motion came out well, I feel that it could have been a lot better with more pictures and if I moved the stick people in more creative ways.

Here is evidence of my stop motion animation:

stop motion screen grab


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