Zeitgeist of the 2000’s

Zeitgeist- The defining spirit or mode of a particular period of history.

Zeit- Time

Geist- Spirit

The 2000’s zeitgeist develops within in technology especially in camera phones. When camera phones came about photography suddenly became a lot more popular, and again when the internet came about as people could then upload their work and show the world what they have done and express their ideas and views on certain photography subjects. “J-SH04 introduced by J-Phone, the first commercially available mobile phone with a camera that can take and share still pictures” This allowed many people to take big steps within photography, whether they were doing it as a hobby or trying to make photography more well known and/or popular. This allowed other aspiring photographers to go onto the internet and find their inspirations, such as Simon Norfolk, which then helped him become more famous within his work.

Looking into Simon Norfolk’s work i tired to find work revolving around the 2000’s when he was taking pictures in Afghanistan. I found a quote that he said abut his view on war and conflict. “I am simply not able to understand war. I understand conflict, and I acknowledge that conflict is the sapling that would eventually bloom into war. But why can we not resolve our conflicts in a peaceful manner? Why must we attempt to solve it with salvos of missiles? Why do we think that destruction can assuage anger?” i like this quote as he finds in interesting to focus his work on war however he doesn’t like the thought of it actually happening. This could also tell us how he only takes pictures after war has destructed a place instead to taking pictures during the action. Within His work in Afghanistan it shows images of buildings that have been districted by war or that have been solely abandoned and evacuated, in these images Norfolk took advantage of the zeitgeist over he years and published it for everyone to see, which gained him popularity as a photographer. 



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