Proposal and Plan for Final Stop Motion

The theme I am running with for my stop motion animation is raising awareness of bullying I have chosen bullying as I have gone through personal experiences and want to raise awareness to the victims of bullies that they’re not alone and that if they get help it will get better. I will show my audience how it effects people who are being bullied and the consequences that bullies can face. I will also have information and facts about bullying throughout the video as it will get people to realise how serious of a subject bullying is. I will include a title that will fade in and out of the video and I will have quiet music in the background as when the information and facts appear I will have someone read them out loud. For this final project I will need a tripod to prevent any camera shake and moving it out of the frame. I will also need three people and also other objects such as a laptop for when the person is being cyber-bullied and pens for when I write facts onto the sticky notes. I will have one person as the victim, one as the bully and another as the person the victim goes to for help. Also, I will have the victim and the bully talking over the internet so when the bully says something I will have he words come out of the screen towards the victim as even though it isn’t physically attacking them, words are just as painful. I will be using daylight as I want to see the subtle changes such as the lighting coming through the windows. I will have my shutter speed at a 60th of a second as I am using people so I don’t get any motion blur from them. I will aim to have my ISO no higher than 800, but preferably as low as possible to stop the pictures from graining. I will have a variety of depth of field, as when the victim is walking towards the camera I will need everything in focus by having a wide depth of field, but when I am shooting the facts on the corner of the tale I will be using a short depth of field as I just want the facts in focus and the background blurred so people focus on the facts more. With my frames per second they will all be running at different speeds, as, for example, when the victim is being cyber-bullied I want that to be twice as fast as when the facts are being shown so people have time to read them. Approximately I will have 100 photos for every 15 seconds, this way when it comes to editing it will run smoothly and not have jumps in the film as I want it to look as professional as possible, also I will be able to change the speed of some frames to get real life motions of people moving around.

I’m aiming my audience towards young teens in school/college who are being bullied in any way. I’m focusing my audience on young teens as I have seen more people personally who have been bullied who haven’t dealt with it in the right way, they just hold everything back and keep it to themselves and let themselves become bullied, instead of standing up for themselves or telling someone who can then help them resolve it. My work is being produced for the NSPCC, as it is a helpline for children being bullied, and it helps raise awareness to people about how bulling can effect young people in many way and that the victims of bullies should never feel alone, that there is always someone there to help. Which is what I want my stop motion animation to show and express.

Here is a video where I got some of my inspiration from, as they show information, facts and how bullying effects young people.


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