Research for final Stop Motion

For my final movie, I have decided to do a stop motion animation to raise awareness of bullying and the effects it has on people. Here are a few videos that I have gotten some inspiration from:

I got inspiration from this video as I like how they have included written information and facts about bullying in creative ways. It also shows the effects that bullying has on people and how it makes them deal with things differently. However the only thing I didn’t like was that the starting took too long to get to the main point so viewers could lose interest quite quickly, however when I create mine I will get to the point straight away to draw my viewers in. I like how they have slowed down frames where the facts are visible as it gives time for the viewers to read it, which is what i think i need to do in my final stop motion. I also like the use of their depth of field, where they had the person in the background blurred and the fact at the corner of the table in focus, i also think i may use this in my final stop motion as it would be creative and look professional.

In this video I liked how they made speech bubbles and used them as words that bullies may shout at their victims. I gained some inspiration from this video as I will use similar ideas however I will use real people instead of drawings as I think it will be more effective with real people in my stop motion animation. I also like how they have expressed emotion through inanimate objects and have made the video meaningful and definitely puts the point across that bullying needs to stop. I like how they have sped up frames when the stick person gets hit as it is a fast motion, so i think in my stop motion that when Paige punches the wall, i will speed the frames up to make the punch look more realistic.

I chose this video as my third piece of research as it contains lots of facts about bullying, such as roughly how many people are bullied in schools and how it effects people who are being bullied, such as victims who stop going into school as they’re too scared to face the bully, which may decline their academic abilities. In this video i found interest in the effects they have used, which they may have edited on premiere pro. However, i don’t think these effects would suit my stop motion as i will have paige moving about in the video and the facts will be shown that way.



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