Solving 2D Problems- Final Image and Evaluation

For my impossible image, I decided to raise awareness of bullying, so I could get across how it effects people who are being bullied and how to get help and prevent it. I aimed my audience towards young teenagers in school and/or college who are in vulnerable positions and need to reach out for help if they feel that they can’t talk to someone close to them.

I solved my 2D problem by taking 4 separate pictures, one of a hand, a jar and 2 pictures of Paige. I then went into Photoshop and added a plain white background. I then opened up all the separate images and cut them out by using the quick selection tool. However the quick selection tool sometimes included unwanted parts, so I went around it with the rubber tool and smoothed out the images, there were some parts where I had to zoom in to make sure I got the image I desired. Once I had perfected the edges I then  zoomed in on Paige’s face and blemished her face with the spot healing brush to smooth out her face. Once all my images had been edited I then put them all onto the plain white background. I had to resize all the images to make them all fit. I made the hand slightly longer and bigger so the jar and Paige could fit on, I then made the jar smaller and slightly wider, I then made Paige smaller and placed her inside. I then made the second image of Paige smaller and placed her on top of the jar, I had to layer over her feet as if I had her layered over the jar her feet wouldn’t have looked as if it was standing on the jar so I placed her behind the jar to give it more of a realistic look. After I had put all the images together, I changed the background colours and added in text and an image to which I am promoting my image to.

editing image of paige

When taking pictures of each image, I shot them all in the studio with 2 soft boxes as the lighting. When taking pictures of the hand I used a white back drop and my shutter speed was at 400, I then kept the hand within the framing in which it was in the second row through the middle to keep it central. When taking the pictures of Paige standing up I held my camera side-wards and kept her in the same frame as the hand. However when taking pictures of the jar and Paige sitting down I kept the framing within the second column down the middle to keep it all central to make it easier to edit them in Photoshop. I kept everything in focus, as there was only one image to focus on at a time which made it easier to shoot.

My final image has differed slightly from my original intentions. My original idea was to have 2 final images, one with Paige inside the jar with the hand holding it shut and the second image would show Paige outside of the jar with the lid open and her going to smash it. However I changed my mind and thought it would be better to have one image and have Paige inside the jar and then her on top as it helped me put my point of being trapped across better as it showed the person trapping her in and looking down her on making her feel small inside, which is why I placed her inside a jar.

final impossible image

When researching ideas at the start of the project, I was looking at promoting inner beauty, I would do this by photographing someone and then having trees and colour inside the person to show that you may not feel beautiful on the outside but it’s what’s inside that counts. However I then started to think about promoting a social issue as I thought it would be more powerful and more challenging, I also came across personal issue which then inspired me to then research more into bullying and feeling trapped. I then went online onto Pinterest and started to research bullying and being trapped and found inspiration when I came across an image of a man inside a jar.

This image inspired me, as I thought it would put my point across more and I would be able to develop my Photoshop skills more and have a more powerful image, also I had lots of ideas for this issue whereas with my other idea I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it and how I would promote it.

If I were to do this differently I would have a different person on top of the jar to make it more professional and powerful. I would also blend and smooth the images out more and make it look more realistic, as the although it looks good I think it could have looked better if it looked like Paige was actually standing on top of the jar or that the jar was actually in the hand. I think the weaknesses in my work was having to put the images together in Photoshop as I had very little skills within it, so I had to get my peers to tell me what tools were what and how to use them. I also found it difficult to choose how is was going to promote my idea as I had quite a few but had to choose one. As I wanted to have 2 separate images and combine them however I thought I should just go with one image and perfect it. However I think the strengths within my work were taking the actual photographs as I found it fun and I felt confident when taking the pictures as I had a clear idea of what I was taking pictures of. I had many ideas in my head so I took a few different pictures of Paige as I didn’t know how I was going to position her in my final image. All in all I think my biggest strength is that my final image came together and looks good and it all came together in the way that I visualised it would.

Here is my final image:

Final Image for bullying


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