Plan For Photographer’s Influence Shoot

For this shoot i plan to go out and take landscape photographs in the woods, but find things that seem out of place such as, a piece of scrap metal in a pile of leaves or even a green leave surrounded by brown leaves. My work is influenced by Simon Norfolk as he took landscape pictures, however i wouldn’t be able to get pictures of destroyed buildings, however, the building were out of place and isolated which is what i hope to incorporate into my work. I will be using all natural lighting as i will be outside, so i will need to eel changing my aperture and shutter speed depending on how much the lighting changes during the shoot, hopefully it won’t be drastic but it may have to be changed slightly especially if i’m shooting in the woods. I will also try to take pictures of any wildlife I see, or maybe a fallen down tree, as it would be unique and make my work more interesting. I may also edit some of the photos on Photoshop maybe to enhance the lighting or make the colours pop more to draw more attention to my work. All in all I think this shoot will go well as I think I will be able to get some unique pictures.


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