Photographer Influence Shoot

For this shoot I went out around my neighbourhood and took pictures of objects that don’t belong in nature or objects that have been taken over by nature, such as a pile of bricks in shallow water or a tires in bushes and natures has grown around and/or in them. I enjoyed this shoot as I like the style of the pictures that I was taking and also I like finding odd objects within nature as I find it fascinating and I like being able to get the different angles. I also like being able to take long shots so I have the object at the bottom of the picture and the nature and tress at the top as it makes it look magical and more interesting to look at, as there is the contrast with the odd object and nature surrounding it. I think I should have taken more creative pictures and moved some objects around a bit to get my desired shots, even though my pictures came out well I think I could have made them look better in that way. If I were to do this again I would take more pictures and find more creative angles to take the pictures as it would look more professional and the photos would be more interesting to look at.


When doing this shoot my main idea was to use Nicolas Poussins idea in that I would be taking pictures of objects that seemed out of place in nature such as bricks covered in moss. However Nicolas Poussin painted places that had been destroyed by war, in which there would be a lot of rubble, so gave me inspiration to go out and photograph a place around the back of my house in which there were piles of bricks and ‘rubble’ left in a large patch of Greenland and next to a broken down treehouse.

I couldn’t get very clear or sharp pictures of the treehouse as the sunlight was hitting it so made it difficult to see, however it would have been better if I could have gotten up into the treehouse and photographed it from that perspective. During the shoot I had to climb on a lot of rubble and found it difficult to balance to get the right pictures as I would have liked to get closer and lower to get the angles I really wanted. Although all the pictures came out well I would have found it better if I had gotten them from a different perspective. However I was able to pick up a couple of bricks and place them in a puddle within the grass, this way I was able to set up the bricks and get the picture that I wanted and I was able to get the sunlight to hit he bricks in the right place. I found that doing this I was able to be more creative as I was able to set the bricks up in the way I wanted and I could get the angles that I couldn’t get on the larger pile of bricks I photographed.


The pictures that came closest to achieving the outcome that I expected were the pictures of the piles of bricks and rubber strips as they portrayed Nicolas Poussin’s work more as the bricks seemed to represent a broken down building more than an image such as the metal chair in the long grass. Throughout this shoot I managed to take images that were very different to what I had expected however they created new and interesting outcomes. The images that I found different were the pictures I got of the chair in the long grass and the pictures of the tyres and cone in the stream, as they didn’t exactly fit in with the technique I was going for however, my rough idea was to get objects that were out of nature which I showed within those images. Now looking back into those images, even though they were different I think they were creative and managed to fit I’m with the running theme. Looking back on the techniques I have used in my research shoot I have gained new insights into the working methods of Simon Norfolk, as I enjoyed taking these pictures due to using natural lighting from the sun as it made the images, (even though they were pictures of bricks and rubble) magical, for example when the sunlight shone through the bricks in the grass puddle and reflected off the water making the image glisten.

IMG_7879 IMG_7904 IMG_7914

Here is what i produced:

Influence CS1  Influence CS2 ContactSheet-003



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