Simon Norfolk Influence Shoot-Plan

For this shoot i will be taking certain techniques from his work and then photographing my own ideas. I will be taking pictures of the sunrise, as in many of Norfolk’s pictures he uses this kind of lighting which to me makes the images seem peaceful and isolated. The techniques i am taking from Simon Norfolk are taking only landscape pictures and taking pictures during early sunrise and early sunset, as it will give the pictures a glow and also shows the techniques i am using from Simon Norfolk. Furthermore, these photos will be quite similar to the shoot i previously did, involving photographers who influenced Simon Norfolk as a photographer, however, i will be taking the images from different angles and the lighting will be different as it will be during a sunrise or sunset. I will also be using a lot more shallow depth of field, however i will also be using wide depth of field as Simon Norfolk used a wide depth of field in his work.

Here are some examples of the lighting i will be using in my shoot:

simon norfolk111




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