Solving 3D Shapes- Research

This image here was taken by Dennis Pedersen. I really like this photo as I like how all the colours are still solid and have mixed to create different colours, as it makes it look neat and professional. I chose to do nail varnish as I have an interest in painting nails, and also I think that I could be really creative with this as there are so many different way I could position them and placed them and drip the nail varnish. I also like how they have used a white background as it makes the colours stand out more and you can see the uniqueness of each colour and the way it runs on the background, I also really like the way the nail varnishes have been positioned, and then the actual image has been taken from above which gives the image more of a creative look and you don’t get the bulkiness of the nail varnish bottles.

nail varnish dennis pedersen

This picture was taken by David Lewis Taylor. I found this picture interesting as well, due to the subtle colours. Even though the colours are pale, the composition of the varnishes make it stand out and give the simplicity, creativity. I think this kind of picture would be a great way to advertise nail varnish, as there are so many ways I could position them and I could blend the dots of nail varnish into a swirl in some pictures and make it look creative and professional. I think in my pictures I will use the same use of pale colours as in my opinion looks prettier and subtle.

david lewis taylor nail varnish










Here are some other pictures I found inspiration from:

nv  rb nv more nv

Dripping Nail Polish | Cosmetics Still Lifemoreeee nv blaaaaaa



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