Evaluation for Final Stop Motion

For my final stop motion I created an advert showing facts about bullying and some containing the effects it has on young children. I took the pictures inside my house, however towards the end I took them just outside my house. I think overall the whole shoot went really well, as I was able to get all my points across and achieved everything that I wanted, however, I also added and changed parts of my stop motion. I did this as I developed new ideas whilst shooting.

The best thing about this shoot was having the facts being shown on the screen as Paige walked closer towards the camera. However, originally I was going to have the fact on the edge of the table in focus and Paige in the background out of focus, but as she would walk towards the camera she would come into focus and pick up the fact. So I think changing it to having Paige hold the fact was a much better idea as I was able to then switch scenes a lot easier, yet it sill be creative. What I did, is that when the facts were clear enough to see, I made those particular shots slower than the rest. However, looking back on my finished product I think I should have made those particular shots slightly slower as it was a bit too fast to read properly.

During my shoot, there were certain scenes where the lighting changed and was quite dark, however the images and writing were still visible, it did made the pictures look grainy and made the final product look a bit jumpy because of the light changes during the scene when I zoom up close onto the computer screen, showing another fact. There is also another lighting change when towards the end when I shot the pictures outside. The images taken outside were a lot brighter, again the images were clear but it would have looked better if the lighting had matched all the way through as it would have looked a lot more professional. Also I could have improved the scene when I was getting closer towards the computer screen as during that I had to remove my camera from the tripod and take the pictures free hand as the tripod could get the right angles or close enough. So during this part of my movie, the pictures seem to jolt a little and wobble out of frame, however, if the tripod would have been able to get into the position I needed it in the pictures would have came out still and in frame.

If I were to do this shoot again, I would make sure to double get the pictures if there is a change of scene as the lighting may change, so I would be able to adjust my camera settings to get back to the correct lighting so there were no drastic changes. I would also make sure that there s enough space for my tripod to move about so I am able to get the right angles and avoid camera shake. Furthermore, I will also make sure that on all the facts shown that the writing is completely visible as in some shots Paige’s hand was covering a few letters so would make it difficult for viewers to read. Finally I would change the speed of the shots when the facts came up close to the screen, as if I had made them slower then the viewers would have enough time to read them.

Here is my final stop motion:


Here are my contact sheets:








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