Peer Review

For my peer review I chose to look at Paige’s inspiration shoot from Simon Norfolk. Paige took lots of amazing images that showed her idea about rubbish found in nature. The image that I found which I believe was most successful is image number 7848. I chose this picture as I liked the composition of the picture as the rubber strips and bricks are surrounded by nature, I also like how the sunlight hits it as even though nature is covered in rubbish the sunlight makes it look beautiful.

The image I found most creative is image number 7851, as she was able to pick up the bricks and place them into the water and position them in the way that she wanted. She was also able to get the sunlight to shine through the bricks and glisten/shimmer on the water giving it a magical effect on the image.

The outcomes in which I feel showed a step forward creatively/technically is 7847. I chose this image as she has been able to express her point about rubbish in nature, also she has been able to use natural lighting in a beautiful way. The composition of this image is also creative as she was able to crouch down to get level with the objects and take it from an angle that she desired.


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