Evaluation of Research

I think overall the research sources that were least helpful in trying to understand the ideas and/or techniques behind Simon Norfolks work was having to produce a bibliography, however, I was able to do general research on him, I don’t think making a biliography helped me with the research process as I couldn’t write enough detailed information on him and each website showed similar information so I found it difficult to compare the sites with each other.

The differences that I gained from my primary research such as doing shoots inspired by Simon Norfolk is that I was able to use similar techniques to him so I got more of an understanding in the way he photographed his work, it also helped me develop my photography skills, such as adjusting my camera settings. I also liked how doing this kind of practical research was a lot more helpful than researching on a computer as I was able to try out how Norfolk took his pictures which I also found enjoyable, whereas I found myself lost when researching on a computer as I found it difficult to gather a wide range of different information as most sites had a lot of similar information on them.

The research skills I feel that I have developed are being able to go onto site and be able to gather information on Simon Norfolk and then being able to take away his ideas and use his techniques in my own work, as it has helped me develop my photography skills and my research skills in that I know what things I am looking for. However, the ones that need improving are for example, when we visited the National Portrait Gallery, as I found it difficult to gather a lot of information, as in the gallery the photographs didn’t have a lot of information on the picture and/or the person, so then having to go back to college and find the images and information on the photographer was quite difficult, however, it has helped me to develop my research skills as it has showed me that I need not more depth within my research.

In the future I think what I would do to differentiate my research process to making more interesting and/or effective, is to go into more depth about the photographer, and talk more about their images and he techniques they have used, such as their shutter speed, the composition of heir pictures, as I feel that during this process, I don’t think that I went into a whole lot of detail, as I found it difficult to find a wide team gets of information on Simon Norfolk.


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