3D Images Evaluation


Within this project, I chose to advertise nail varnish. I chose to advertise nail varnish, as I have an interest in painting nails, and nail varnish. I also knew that I could be creative with this subject, due to being able to make patterns with the nail varnish, or making it drip out of the bottle or even mixing colours together. For this shoot I panned to have 3 final best images, which I want to advertise. I chose to have three, so I was able to try different patterns and ideas with the nail varnish and be able to show the all of them in my final outcomes.

I did this shoot in the studio, I set up my nail varnish and out on white paper as I was shooting them from above so didn’t need a backdrop. I used two soft boxes for my lighting, so attached my camera with a hot shoot and wire for the flash to go off on both lights. I made the lighting bright so the nail varnish bottles shined to make them look pristine. For my first images, I set the colours up in colour order, I then made streaks of nail varnish down the page and kept the lids on the bottles, I also had the logo facing forwards so it showed which brand I was advertising. I shot some of these from a lower angle, and some from the side creating a short depth of filed, as I thought it would be creative instead of doing all of the same pictures. The second lot of pictures I took were some bottle standing up with the lids off and then some laying down with the lids on, I used bluetac to keep the bottles laying down in place to stop them from rolling away. I then opened up the nail varnish and made drips all around it, I varied them in size so some of them are big and some are little. I did this as it added ‘decoration’, also putting the nail varnish onto the white paper also helped to advertise the colours of the varnish. The final lot of images I took, I removed the lids of every nail varnish and placed them onto the paper, I had one at the top, two underneath, I did this same pattern with 7 nail varnishes. I then drew a circle around each nail varnish so I knew where to out them once I picked them up. I then poured out the nail varnish round the circle, I then did this with the rest of the nail varnishes.

My final images are exactly how I wanted them to be in my original intentions. However, the first lot of pictures I took were an extra lot as I thought I would be creative and add something different into my work, as then I would have a range of pictures to show at the end. Furthermore, my original pictures came out exactly as planned, as I was able to get the colours I wanted, as they were all pale and neural colours, I was also able to set them out in the positions I wanted. The lighting was as I wanted it and all the angles they were took at were as I wanted. I think that the whole shoot was very successful, there were some little mistakes in the way the nail polish on the paper was placed, however I was able to make it work and look good.

My research helped me a lot in achieving my objectives, as I knew I wanted to use nail varnish to advertise, so I researched into 3d images using nail varnish. I then selected 2 images that I definitely wanted to use in my work, and I the wrote about them in how they were shot and how I was going to use those ideas and use them in my work. I then selected a whole batch of images that I thought looked really creative, and within those images I think I used one of them which was the last lot of pictures I took, as it was a mix of one of the pictures I researched and one that I spoke about. Here are the pictures that gave me inspiration to use in my own work:

nail varnish dennis pedersendavid lewis taylor nail varnishmoreeee nvmore nv

If I were to do this again, I think I would change the way I took my first lot of pictures, as the ones that I used short depth of filed with didn’t turn out as well as I wanted them to, as for those pictures I should have used a white background, as in those images you can see where the white paper cuts off and you can see the grey in the background and part of the soft box is showing in it. I also think I would change the lighting, as I would have it slightly brighter so the pictures looked a lot more pristine and professional. Furthermore, I would also change the shape of the nail varnish that I poured onto the paper in my last lot of pictures, as I think I could have made the shape more rounded, and I don’t think I was careful enough when pouring it out, as when it tipped out I made a line across the page, so I then had to make the patch of nail varnish bigger which then made the shape of it look odd to the rest of them.

The strengths of my work, would be setting up the nail varnishes in various creative positions, as once I had set them up, they looked very professional and it looked neat in they way the nail varnish had been poured out and the composition of the nail varnishes. I also think the angles I took the pictures at were creative, as it made the nail varnishes without lids on look neat and circular. It also helped that if the bottle had a bit of nail varnish down the side, that it wasn’t visible in the pictures. I think the weaknesses in my work would be positioning some of the nail varnish when pouring it out onto the table as in the last lot of pictures I did, the shape of it didn’t quite go how I wanted it to.

Here are my 3 final outcomes:



Here are my contact sheets containing the whole shoot:

3d contact sheets.jpg


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