Influence Shoot

For this shoot I went out at early hours of the morning and went and took landscape pictures of the sunset at my local field. Within some of Simon Nofolk’s work he uses the lighting from sunrises and sunsets and always photographs in landscape. I chose these techniques as I feel they would be most creative and would help me develop my research skills practically. However, I was mean to also photograph some of the sunset, but due to the weather I was unable to do so, but got plenty of the beautiful sunrise. I enjoyed this shoot, as I was able to get my desired pictures, and found it interesting to use Simon Norfolk’s techniques in my own work. Furthermore, I think I could have improved this shoot by adjusting my camera setting so the images of the trees and field were more visible, as the sunrise and sky seemed to be the only thing visible in these images.

I think that if I were to do this shoot again, I would make the whole image visible, as it would have represented Norfolk’s work more. I would also try to get pictures of the sunset, as u was unable to do so within this shoot due to the weather conditions, so I think I would do this shoot either during spring time or summer, as the sunset would have been visible and would have been beautiful to take pictures of.

Here is what I produced:



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